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Feel Like New Again

I help people release tension
and reclaim inner balance
so they can thrive inside and out


Relax in the comfort of your own home. Take a mini vacation with no need to dress up or drive. I do all the work, while you enjoy the many holistic benefits of professional massage therapy.


We keep it classy, and there is never any judgment here. You are precious and worthy of kindness, dignity, and respect. We always honor the sacred healing nature of this work.


Powerfully reduce those stress hormones and give your mood a positive boost. I help you feel your best so you can be the best version of yourself, for you and everyone around you. It works!

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Nurturing Massage for Happiness

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We are made to be in touch. It naturally alleviates stress and helps us thrive.


Yet in the United States, we have attempted to replace real human connection with technology. Social media is like a junk food diet. It has left us emotionally malnourished, lonely, and plagued by chronic stress.

The body responds to this stress with 'fight or flight' mode. Brain, organs, and muscles all mobilize so you can escape from dangerous things like tigers.

But very often our bodies get stuck in survival mode even with no tigers around. We perceive threats when there are none.


Over time, elevated stress hormones cause

  • muscle tension, headaches, upset stomach

  • irritability, impatience, negativity
  • dissatisfaction and frustration

Sound familiar?

No one should have to live that way.

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My massage work is designed to help your body feel safe and cared about. I soothe the nervous system so you can shift into 'rest and digest' mode.

This directly alleviates symptoms of

  • anxiety, depression, chronic stress

  • shame, loneliness, negative body image

  • indigestion, and a host of other ailments


And it helps build a healthy sense of

  • self-acceptance, positive body image

  • peace, worthiness, contentment

This empathic massage therapy is aimed at your body's deep need for human comfort and connection. And it works.


When your body feels safe, you can release tension (i.e. fear) and engage the world in a fresh and healthy way, with curiosity, compassion, and gratitude. You can live better.


Let's help you be the best version of yourself.

You're worth it.

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Nick Conrad, LMT

Specializing in Relief for

  • sore muscles

  • chronic stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • grief

  • fatigue

  • breakup/divorce

  • loneliness

  • touch deprivation

  • chaotic lifestyle

  • negative body image

Relaxing Back Massage
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​3 Step Plan


Book a


You need

I provide

  • everything else!



  • Gentle massage helps your body release tension

  • Your nervous system shifts from 'fight or flight' to 'rest and digest'

  • You feel refreshed and replenished


Enjoy Your

Best Life

  • Feel more at ease with lower stress hormones

  • Discover heightened mental clarity

  • Embrace a more positive outlook, knowing you can fully relax at least once per month

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Regular massage naturally helps reduce stress.

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of Nick's Massage

Four Elements


Soothing Environment

"You are my special guest"

Little things make a big difference.

  • I pay close attention to the atmosphere in our treatment space – details like lighting, temperature, music selection and volume...

Quality of Touch

"You are safe"

From the moment your massage begins, you will notice something unique about the way my massage work feels.

  • The healing energy in which I touch clients is gentle, soulful, tender, and authentic...

Massage Techniques

"This work feels good"

I help you release tension and reclaim inner balance using a variety of therapeutic soft-tissue manipulation techniques.

  • I use classic Swedish strokes, with inspiration from Hawaiian lomi lomi...

Compassionate Witness

"You are not alone"

The underlying heart of the service I offer is a gentle validation of your lived experience and worthiness as a person.

  • I regularly see, hear, and touch things not seen, heard, or touched by anyone else...

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Body Positivity

Massage is a great way to improve your friendship with your body. I work with people of all shapes and sizes. There is absolutely no judgment here. Let's help you celebrate the joy of living in a wonderful physical form!

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Don't stay stuck

Imagine yourself feeling a lot better

Swedish Massage

Let's help you get there

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