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What to Expect

Here's our basic routine for massage appointments. This is what you can look forward to on the day of your massage!

Before Massage

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1. Prior to Appointment

  • Please print and fill out my health information form.

  • Please clear a space of at least 6'x10' for the table.

  • Please have ready a clean set of sheets with a pillowcase and a light blanket, as well as any ordinary chair for me to use.

2. Arrival & Setup

  • I will arrive and setup the massage table and music.

  • It's okay if we need to move some furniture around.

  • It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to get everything setup and ready.

3. Massage Plan

  • Once the table is all setup, we'll talk about our plan for the massage.

  • Your relevant health history

  • Any areas you'd like to focus on or avoid

4. Getting on the Table

  • Then I will leave the room and close the door to go wash my hands.

  • While I'm out of the room, you will undress to your comfort level, climb onto the table, and get under the covers.

  • We will most likely start you face down.


5. First Half - Face Down

  • When I'm ready with clean hands, I'll knock on the door and ask if you're ready.

  • With your permission, I'll come in and begin the massage.

  • First we'll do your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet.

6. Second Half - Face Up

  • About halfway through our time, we'll turn you over. I'll invite you to scoot down fully onto the table (off the face rest) and then roll over onto your back.

  • I will keep you fully covered as you turn. Please keep your arms under the drape while you turn face up.
  • Take all the time you need.
  • Then we'll work on your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, face, and scalp.

After Massage

7. Getting off the Table

  • When the massage is finished, I'll let you know that we're all done for today, and then I'll exit the room again to wash my hands.

  • When I have left and closed the door, you will climb off the table and get dressed.

  • Take all the time you need.

8. Wrapping Up

  • When you're fully clothed and feeling great, and my hands are washed, we'll chat about how the massage went while I pack up the massage table and gather my things.

  • Then we'll settle any business matters like payment and scheduling, say goodbye, and I'll be off.

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A Note on Rebooking

It's a great idea to use the lovely time following your massage to book your next appointment.

  • My schedule fills up, as I'm sure yours does too

  • Availability is most open farthest out

  • You can always reschedule if you need to

Incorporating massage into your weekly, biweekly, or monthly rhythm of life:

  • You can plan around your massages

  • You can feel good about prioritizing self care

  • You can see upcoming massages on your calendar and look forward to them!

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One more thing to expect...

Expect to feel better after your massage!

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