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Covid Policies

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We Can Do This

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Stress relief has never been more important. ♥

Thankfully, massage therapy has not been a significant spreader. Precautions developed by industry leaders have proven very effective.

Nevertheless, comfort levels do vary widely from person to person.

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Below is a list of safety measures I personally take. Please consider the following and let me know what you prefer.

1.  Practical Steps

​Things I always do

  • Wash hands and sanitize surfaces

  • Maximize air quality as much as possible (air purifiers, etc.)

  • Reschedule if anyone feels unwell

Masking options

  • Me  -  (A)  During massage only.  Generally I take this approach, with masking focused on moments of close proximity.

  • Me  -  (B)  Full appointment.  By request, I can mask from before I arrive until after I leave. Up to you.

  • You  -  Mask or not according to your preference.

2.  Non-Discrimination

Feeling safe during your massage also depends on mutual trust.

This pandemic has been a complex time for all of us, and good people (including our experts) have often disagreed about what to do.

I am here to help people feel better. I don't take sides on issues outside my scope of practice. And I don't discriminate against anyone on the basis of their medical status, choices, or views.


I simply treat everyone equally, with kindness and dignity, regardless of differing viewpoints.

Generally speaking, I find that avoiding controversial topics of conversation very much improves my clients' massage experience. ​​​​

Thank you for honoring this boundary. Let's simply relax your body and mind.

That's it!

Please feel free to let me know what preferences you have. Or just click "Book a Session" to make an appointment and we can get everything figured out. ☺

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