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December 2021 Newsletter


Hello Dear Friend

Whether it’s been a short time or a long time, or even if we haven't met yet, I hope you’re doing really well and enjoying this beautiful holiday season. This is one of my personal favorite times of year. I love helping people relax and settle into a warm spirit of celebration.

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Four Special

  1. Online Booking

  2. New Pricing Policies

  3. VIP Membership Options

  4. 30 Minute Upgrade Cards

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Just click "Book a Session"

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First, a Quick Reminder


Check out Alive & Shine!

I have a friendly affiliation with my yoga studio Alive & Shine Center (ASC). I offer ASC members a special 10% discount.

Sign up for a yoga membership at Alive & Shine to get the best deals with me!

Now for the News...

Morning Newspaper

Online Booking

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You’ll save time with my new online booking feature! Simply click “Book a Session” to easily schedule your massage appointments.
This works so much better than texting to ask when I’m available (since I'm often really not sure). Just take a look at the options and pick whatever works for you.

It's so easy! I love it!

New Pricing Policies

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Happy Couple On Relaxing Spa Procedure Lying On Beds With Eyes Closed Resting And Enjoying

You’ll save money with my new pricing system! And for me, handling the travel expense is now MUCH simpler. It’s a win for everyone!


60 min

90 min

120 min







+ travel fee


+ travel fee


+ travel fee

VIP Members




Travel Fee


  • $20 flat rate

  • applicable only to massage sessions more than 15 miles away


  • $1 per mile

  • applicable to all massage sessions

VIP Members

  • $0

  • no travel fee

Note:  You may recently have paid an amount slightly different from what is listed here. I've been gently "massaging" these rates for the past few months to see what works best. This is what I've settled on for now. Thank you to those who have offered valuable feedback! ♥

Click for more info

VIP Membership Plans

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Beautiful young woman relaxing with her partner during traditional Thai massage at luxury

Get better results (and save more money) by getting massage more often with a VIP Membership Plan! These new plans are ideal for clients seeking a regular massage routine.

My VIP Members get unlimited sessions at exclusive rates with no travel fees. Your monthly subscription fee will count toward your first massage per month.

Select the option that works best for you.

  • Silver Plan - $99 /month

  • Gold Plan - $129 /month

  • Platinum Plan - $159 /month

Click for more info

30 Minute Upgrade Cards

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These Plus 30 Cards are another way to save money, as well as get better results from your massage sessions! (Longer massage = more effect!)


They also make a great gift for you to pass along to a special friend or loved one.

How to Get a Plus 30 Card

A.  Year End Thank You

  • If you’ve seen me for a massage in 2021, you’ll be receiving one in the mail soon as a heartfelt thank you.

  • If you’ve moved, make sure I have your new address!

B.  Birthday Upgrades

  • I’ll use these to handle birthday upgrades, as well as other special occasions and promotions.

  • You'll get a Plus 30 Card as my gift to you!

C.  Opportunities to Earn

  • There will be opportunities for you to earn these cards.

  • For instance, new client referrals will earn you a Plus 30 Card in the mail.

  • Stay tuned!

How to Use a Plus 30 Card

  1. Book either a 90 minute or 120 minute session, and let me know you intend to use a Plus 30 Card.

  2. Then after your massage, hand me your card and you’ll be charged for 30 minutes less than the length of the massage you just got.

  3. The Plus 30 card will cover the rest!

So excited to share this incredibly good deal with you!

African american woman smiling happy reciving back massage and holding credit card at the

Your first Plus 30 Card will arrive soon!
In the meantime...

A Reflection on 2021

As for me, this has been SUCH an eventful year, and I am filled with thankfulness for all my dear clients' loyalty and support. I never would have thought that I'd build an independent massage therapy practice from scratch during a pandemic.

But after many years as an employee at Massage Envy, now here I am running my own small business! It truly blows my mind. With your help we've gotten this thing off the ground, and we're moving forward towards a better, less stressful future. Deeply grateful for you.

On a more personal note, this has been a challenging but inspiring year for me. I have grieved the loss of three dear loved ones (and attended all three of their cremations as a witness — something I had not done before). It's had me thinking a lot about the meaning of life, and my purpose as a massage therapist. Life is not easy. Almost everyone we meet is quietly struggling through something difficult.

I want to tell you that I am here to help you feel better in any way I can. Although reduced physical discomfort is probably the most common goal of massage therapy, I am increasingly drawn to stress relief and relaxation as my special area of interest. We simply can't live in a constant state of anxious hypervigilance. It's toxic for our bodies and blocks our enjoyment of the beauty of life.

That said, you're invited to see me for any reason at all. I hope to help you feel cared-about and supported through safe, gentle physical contact. I hope to help you feel at home in your body and in the world around you. That's what I'm really here for. ♥

That's it for now!

Image by Sincerely Media

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

The holidays can be a wonderful and also stressful time. I look forward to helping you make the most of them.

Please feel free to let me know what questions, preferences, or feedback you have. I am so grateful to be on this journey together!

Here's to a bright and joyful holiday season, and an awesome 2022 full of relaxing massages! See you soon. ♥

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